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Sustainable innovation

Antti Hautamäki

Ph.D. Antti Hautamäki is a consultant providing research, development and innovation services by his enterprise Consulting Sustainable Innovation. He is also a free researcher working with many universites in Finland and aboard. 

Hautamäki was a research professor (2009-2013) and the director (2010-2013) of Agora Center at the University of Jyväskylä. His research field included innovation processes and service innovation. Years 1996-2008 he was a director of research and innovation program at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. He is also an adjunct professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Helsinki.  In years 2006-2007 he was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, School of Information. Hautamäki has published and edited about twenty books and published over hundred articles about philosophy, cognitive science, innovation, and information society. In latest years Hautamäki has developed a new concept of innovation, called sustainable innovation. His latest books include Sustainable Innovation, A New Age of Innovation and Finland’s Innovation Policy

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