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Antti Hautamäki’s profile 

Ph.D. Antti Hautamäki (b. 1949) is a consultant providing services related to research, development, and innovation. 

Hautamäki was a research professor (2009-2013) and the director (2010-2013) of Agora Center at the University of Jyväskylä. His research field included innovation processes and service innovation. New he is a professor emeritus at the University of Jyväskylä.

Antti Hautamäki has worked in the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra in years 1996-2008. He was there a director in the Innovations and New Solutions unit and worked years 2006-2007 as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley School of Information.  Before that he led Innovation Program and the research team of Sitra. Before Sitra he worked several years as a researcher at University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland and Nokia Research Center, and as a consultant in public and private organizations. Mr. Hautamäki has been a member of several committees preparing research programs or proposals for the Academy of Finland and for different ministries.   He was also a member of steering group of a project of the Finnish Government: “Finland in the Global Economy” (2004). 

Antti Hautamäki has been an adjunct professor of theoretical philosophy at Helsinki University from year 1987.  His Ph.D. thesis was about philosophical logic: Points of View and their Logical Analysis, 1986.He has published and edited over 20 books and over 200 articles about philosophy, cognitive science, innovations, information society and public policy.

Hautamäki has presented a new concept of sustainable innovation in his book Sustainable Innovation, A New Age of Innovation and Finland’s Innovation Policy, 2010. 

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