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Sustainable innovation

The following ideas are presented in the new book Sustainable innovation (in Finnish) of Antti Hautamäki

The philosophy of sustainable innovation is to harvest the creativity and innovativeness of people to solve wicked problems of the world: climate change, poverty, health, nutrition, security etc. 

Sustainable innovation is based on ethically, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable principles.

These principles include:

  • Sustainable development: innovation for sustainable development
  • Inclusive innovation: innovation with and for personnel, clients, users, citizens: respecting the skills and intentions of people; also participatory innovation and innovation democracy
  • Continuous innovation: ability to renewing and broke borders continuously
  • Global innovation: innovation in collaboration with talent people wherever they live.
  • Innovative leadership: leadership which encourages people in firms and other organizations to use their talents and skills; ability to create new ways to lead and encourage people.

In short: sustainable innovation is innovation for long term benefit for people, society, economy and nature.

Sustainable innovation is devoted to long standing impact of innovation. Too often innovation is seen only a tool to improve productivity and profit of firms. 

See the article "Sustainable innovation and innovation centres", Helsinki Quarterly 2/2008, 9-15. download PDF

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